In the following article we will guide you on how to configure and activate the sending of base and reminder emails to participants in the learning programs.


In the following article, we help you configure and activate the sending of base emails and reminders to participants in the learning programs. To access, follow this path USER>> MY COMPANY>>> MODULES>>  LEARNING PROGRAMS (see images).

In the section PROGRAMS CONFIGURATION, you can enable or disable the option to send reminder emails to employees.

In the section EMAILS TO PARTICIPANTS, you can edit the subject and body of the mails and reminders sent to participants.

It is important to SAVE CHANGES in order to see the preferences on the platform.

Sending frequency (not customizable):

  • Sending a welcome email to the course participants.

  • From that moment and for 10 more days, reminders are sent every 2 days.

  • After the 10-day period, reminders will no longer be sent, regardless of whether the course was deactivated and reactivated at any point.

  • Base case example: Day 0 - Welcome email; day 2 - Reminder 1; day 4 - Reminder 2; day 6 - Reminder 3; day 8 - Reminder 4; day 10 - Reminder 5.

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